Team Building For Beginners

Team Building

In today’s modern working environment, be it corporate business or institutions, public or private sector, the expectations are for ever higher levels of service, value and effectiveness.

The demands on management for performance under pressure can, with the weight of other responsibilities become debilitating, and trickle down amongst staff, perhaps leading to loss of motivation and job intolerance.

Professionally run team building events can provide more than just a “shot in the arm” to all levels of workers, they can create great teamwork and allow each individual to find and release their own potential.

They allow colleagues to get to know one another better away from work surroundings, thus helping to build stronger team spirit. They are also an excellent way of developing and retaining vital links between relevant customers and suppliers.

Team building activities can be made to be as varied as the nature of participants themselves and be as physical or sedentary, cerebral or simple, subtle or obvious as the occasion calls for.

Team building challenges can be used for warm-up exercises for delegates attending conferences, meetings, staff training sessions, where they can help participants look at things from different angles, and activate different channels of approach.

Professional team builders recognise that each set of participants may need a slightly different set of challenges, be they quizzes and puzzles to moderate exercise, to extreme sports, but overall they are there to deliver a healthy balance of fun and team development.

The activities available in these programmes are about as varied as imagination can make them, but they need to be tailored to need. There is little point in problem solving exercises unless they stretch the thinking process. A challenge which may seem trite or patronising to one group and will give no challenge or enjoyment to them, may suit others.

Equally, the concept of an outdoor challenge to one group may be white water rafting, and to another, may be cooking a barbeque.

Overall, the quest of it is to unleash ones true potential!