Google Quality Signals

What Google Can Teach Us About Excellence

The only guaranteed way to rank first in Google is to offer what they want, which is excellent quality, valued and trusted content.

Google SERPs require the very best quality written content you can deliver. Your readers need to care about what you create.

Penalties are rapidly imposed on all websites identified to be using ‘spam’ optimisation processes.

However, if you are ready to up your game, and to incorporate Googles ever demanding requirements, you can still have a major impact on your Google website rankings.

Google Quality Signals

Google use the following low quality ranking signals to identify weak websites: excessively used keyword density, excessive keyword usage in anchor text, associations with less than desirable neighbourhoods and also receiving links from identified link farms.

It is not possible to get ranked well in Google if you engage in any of these processes as a part of your Optimisation strategy.

Your SERPs rankings are calculated by the levels of trust, authority and quality that you send to Google.

Google increasingly trusts social networking sharing signals because of the inherent challenges deceiving those indicators in volume.

SEO expert Deeho says your services or goods are assessed via the quality product reviews for your Brand on the internet.

The authority and trust of your brand is increasingly becoming a primary metric for rendering really good natural search rankings.

Each keywords SERPs are established by user behaviour, quality and relevance.

Search rankings used to be controlled by popularity signs (backlinks).

These days, it is more important to try to avoid delivering ‘poor quality’ signs conveying ‘artificial’ behaviours. Google would like to present the ideal result for each search made.

Displaying a web site that:

  • Loads fast
  • Is completely unique
  • Is Mobile Friendly (
  • Has good user engagement metrics
  • Contains external links to valued sites and resources
  • Is on a SEO friendly IP
  • Isn’t associated with bad link neighbourhoods
  • Has quality, trusted, natural links from themed sites
  • Has Brand value

If you can stay clear of triggering any Google quality filters while satisfying the key elements above then your site will get ranked well in SERPs.

You will be given the Google traffic you should have if your web-site delivers the high quality data that Google wants to see, while at the same time not triggering any of the poor quality spam triggers that will have a detrimental affect on your listings. If you have problems getting the traffic you need, ask for a website review and your website will begin to work for you.

Driving traffic either costs money or time, or a combination of both. However you choose to drive visitors to your site, either by organic search and SEO or via Pay per click (PPC) advertising, you need to be sure to get value for money.

PPC can soon cost you a lot without seeing a viable return if you don[t set your campaign up correctly.

Effective PPC Account Management is vital if you are going to avoid wasting a large percentage of your budget.

Measure your return on investment and control your target market and you will be well on the way to driving your business forwards.