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Google Quality Signals

What Google Can Teach Us About Excellence

The only guaranteed way to rank first in Google is to offer what they want, which is excellent quality, valued and trusted content.

Google SERPs require the very best quality written content you can deliver. Your readers need to care about what you create.

Penalties are rapidly imposed on all websites identified to be using ‘spam’ optimisation processes.

However, if you are ready to up your game, and to incorporate Googles ever demanding requirements, you can still have a major impact on Continue reading Google Quality Signals

Internet Security and Personal Banking

Internet Security and Personal Banking

In the wide and wonderful world of the internet, security is becoming more and more important as more and more of our personal and sensitive information is transmitted on line.

There are many anti-virus computer programmes available, but the application of common sense in recognising potential threats is a good place to start.

Online banking is an obvious opportunity for fraudsters and thieves to Continue reading Internet Security and Personal Banking